Cultural diversity of Los Angeles County

Child Support Compliance Program

The Contractor acknowledges that the County has established a goal of ensuring that all individuals who benefit financially from the County through Contract are in compliance with their court-ordered child, family and spousal support obligations in order to mitigate the economic burden otherwise imposed upon the County and its taxpayers.

As required by the County’s Child Support Compliance Program (County Code Chapter 2.200) and without limiting the Contractor’s duty under this Contract to comply with all applicable provisions of law, the Contractor warrants that it is now in compliance and shall during the term of this Contract maintain in compliance with employment and wage reporting requirements as required by the Federal Social Security Act (42 USC Section 653a) and California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 1088.5, and shall implement all lawfully served Wage and Earnings Withholding Orders or Child Support Services Department Notices of Wage and Earnings Assignment for Child, Family or Spousal Support, pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 706.031 and Family Code Section 5246(b).