Cultural diversity of Los Angeles County

Contracting Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are typical clauses for the County of Los Angeles Contracts for Services. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change or revision based on the type of service required.

Assignment and Delegation
Authorization Warranty
Budget Reductions
Change Notices and Amendments
Contractor's Acknowledgement of County's Commitment to the Safely Surrendered Baby Law
Contractor's Warranty of Adherence to County's Child Support Compliance Program
Compliance With Applicable Law
Compliance With Civil Rights Laws
Compliance With The County's Jury Service Program
Compliance With The County's Living Wage Program
Conflict Of Intrest
Consideration Of Hiring County Employees Targeted For Layoff/Or Re-Employment
Consideration Of Hiring Gain/Grow Program Participants
Determinations of Contractor Non-Responsibility and Contractor Debarment
Listing of Contractors Debarred in Los Angeles County
County's Quality Assurance Plan
Damage To County Facilities, Building Or Grounds
Employment Eligibility Verification
Facsimile Representations
Fair Labor Standards
General Insurance Requirements
Governing Law, Jurisdiction, And Venue
Independent Contractor Status
Insurance Coverage Requirements
Liquidated Damages
Most Favored Public Entity
NonDiscrimination And Affirmative Action
Non Exclusivity
Notice Of Delays
Notice Of Disputes
Notice To Employees Regarding The Federal Earned Income Credit
Notice To Employees Regarding The Safely Surrendered Baby Law
Ownership Of Materials, Software And CopyRight
Patent, CopyRight & Trade Secret Indemnification
Prohibition Against Inducement Or Persuasion
Public Record Act
Record Retention And Inspection/Audit Settlement
Recycled Bond Paper
Termination For Breach Of Warranty To Maintain Child Support Compliance
Termination For Convenience
Termination For Default
Termination For Improper Consideration
Termination For Insolvency
Termination For Non-Adherence Of County Lobbyist Ordinance
Termination For Non-Appropriation Of Funds
Warranty Against Contingent Fees

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