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The following terms are commonly used in the Purchasing and Contracting process:

Bid - a quotation received from a vendor in response to a solicitation from the County.

Bidder - one who responds to a solicitation for a bid.

Board of Supervisors - the Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles, California.

Boilerplate - the standard terms and conditions on a purchase order, agreement or contract.

Cash Discount - an allowance or deduction granted by the vendor that reduces the price of goods received. This is typically used as an incentive to pay an invoice within a specific time frame.

Change Order - a formal notification to the vendor of a change in some form to a purchase order, agreement or contract.

Commodity - a commercial article.

Conference, Bidders'/Proposers - an open forum for potential bidders/proposers to receive clarification on the points outlined in the solicitation and ask questions concerning the solicitation.

Confirming Purchase Order - a purchase order issued after a verbal agreement made by the department.

County - the County of Los Angeles.

Critical Elements - factors that were requested of proposers, in the Solicitation Document, to respond to and on which their proposals are evaluated.

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Debarment - the process that precludes an existing contractor and/or a bidder/proposer from:

1) submitting a bid/response to a County solicitation;

2) being awarded a contract; and/or

3) performing work on a County contract for a period of up to three (3) years.

Department - the departments, commissions, or committees under the jurisdiction of the County of Los Angeles.

Director - the department head.

Discount - an allowance or deduction granted by the vendor to the County that reduces the price of goods received.

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Evaluation Document - a document used to evaluate, rank and ultimately recommend selection of a contractor.

Evaluation - the process by which the County reviews proposals and which result in the recommended selection of a contractor.

Evaluator - a person who evaluates a proposal.

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GAIN - Greater Avenues for Independence assists local businesses meet their staffing needs. GAIN provides employment-related services to CalWORKS recipients to help find employment, stay employed and move on to higher paying jobs.

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Invitation for Bids (IFB) - a solicitation based on a very specific and non-negotiable statement of work. Contract recommended for award to the lowest most responsible and responsive bidder.

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Job Walk - an on-site visit by potential bidders/proposers to a location to observe the operation, layout of a facility, a system or equipment.

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Living Wage - a program that requires contractors to pay its full-time employees, who provide Proposition A and Cafeteria services to the County, a living wage of either:

1) $8.32 per hour and at least $1.14 per hour towards health benefits; or

2) $9.46 per hour. Established by the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors in June 1999 (see County Code Chapter 2.201).

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Non-responsibility - a finding by the County that a bidder/proposer is incapable of performing as a responsible County contractor, based on past performance history or other relevant documentation.

Non-responsive - generally refers to the failure of a proposer to comply with all solicitation requirements making the proposer ineligible for consideration in that specific proposal evaluation process.

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Oral Interview - an interview between the Evaluation Committee and the Proposer to clarify the contents of the proposal or to conduct a product demonstration.

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Proposal - an offer to provide services and/or solutions to an identified problem at a particular price under given terms and conditions.

Proposer(s) - one who responds to a solicitation for a proposal.

Proposition A - (Prop A) amended the County Charter to permit outside contracting, through the competitive bid process, of County services or activities being performed or capable of being performed by County employees.

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Quotation - a statement of price, terms of sale, and description of goods or services offered by a vendor to the County.

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Request for Proposal (RFP) - solicitation based on proposed solutions in response to a defined need of the County. Contract recommended for award to the proposer who submits the proposal deemed to be in the overall best interest of the County (generally the highest-ranking proposer).

Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) - solicitation based on establishing a pool of qualified vendors to provide services through Master Agreements.

Requisition - a formal written request for something - commodity or service - that is needed.

Responsible - a bidder/proposer that has conducted themselves in an acceptable manner as determined by the Board of Supervisors (see County Code 2.202.030), and has the financial and managerial ability to perform the required work.

Responsive - a bid/proposal submitted to the County that complies with all solicitation requirements.

Retroactive Purchase Order or Contract - a purchase order or contract issued without authorization.

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Site Visit - evaluators' visit to a location to observe and evaluate the proposer's operation or proposed solution in a live environment.

Solicitation Document - a document developed by the County to obtain bids, proposals, and other information from bidders/proposers.

Submission Deadline - the time and date specified by the County for receipt of bids/proposals.

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Vendor Mailing List - a list of vendors who are to receive information concerning a solicitation.

Vendor - an organization/company submitting a bid or proposal in response to the County's solicitation for goods and/or service.

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