Cultural diversity of Los Angeles County

Helpful Hints in Selling to the County of Los Angeles
  • Solicitations, via Invitation For Bid (IFB) or Request For Quote (RFQ), are awarded based on the lowest, acceptable responsive bid. Solicitations via Request For Proposals (RFP) are awarded based on criteria set forth in the RFP. Price, the ability to meet the requirements, completeness of the solicitation and adherence to terms and conditions are all factors that influence the award process. Read the solicitation carefully. If any questions arise contact the appropriate department contact immediately. Do not wait until the due date.

  • Realize that unsolicited bids and proposals are rarely accepted. Spend your firm's sales investment wisely. Sometimes a firm will devote considerable time and money to presenting a product to an individual County department in the hope of making a sale. Remember: Most likely, the purchase will be made by competitive bid, and what your firm spends for expensive designs, demonstrations, layouts and any other marketing tools does not guarantee your firm a sale.

  • If your firm provides assistance to the procuring department in determining the department's needs, your firm's assistance cannot be considered as a factor in final source selection. If your firm is called upon to provide such pre-purchase service, your firm should always ask the requesting department to list your firm as a "Reference Supplier" on the applicable procurement requisition.

  • Recognize that the County of Los Angeles is a separate entity from the City and State. There are different processes and regulations for the County of Los Angeles.

  • Prepare yourself by asking to see prior bids/proposals for rebid (public record).
  • Ask for a debriefing if your bid/proposal is not selected.
    • Identify strengths/weaknesses in your bid/proposal
    • See what the competition submitted

  • Attend bidder/proposal conferences and ask questions

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