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Master Agreements for Services

Master Agreements (MA) are utilized when the County desires a list of pre-qualified vendors to perform various services, on an as-needed basis. Vendors have the opportunity to submit their qualifications through a solicitation process, Request for Statement of Qualification (RFSQ). Vendors who meet the minimum qualifications identified in the RFSQ and accept the terms and conditions of the MA and become County contractors in the specific category for which they qualified. As services are required, MA contractors receive work or purchase order solicitations in the categories for which they are pre-qualified. Work or purchase orders are typically awarded to the lowest priced, qualified bidder, unless the work or purchase order solicitation identifies other specific evaluation criteria.

To access the solicitations listed below please go to:

Go to the “Search By” text box and select “Bid Number” in the drop down menu. Insert bid number “000-00-0000” and select “Submit”.

Below is a list of Master Agreements and contacts for departments responsible for administration:




  • As-Needed Contract Studies and Audits Master Agreement
    Christopher Nguyen
    Master Agreement Manager
    (213) 974-8318

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