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Purchasing Policies Last Updated 05/01/09

The following Purchasing policies represent the basic intentions and goals of the County and the basic procurement standards by which the County operates. These policies have been prepared to provide information and direction to our suppliers.


  Administrative (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view these pages)

A-0000 Foreward
A-0100 Authority Government Code
A-0200 Authority County Code
A-0300 Departmental Authority
A-0350 Code/Guidelines for Ethical Conduct Procurement Decision-Making Personnel
A-0400 Definitions

Purchasing Policies (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view these pages)

P-0100 Antitrust/Unfair Competition Violations
P-0200 Badges
P-0300 Bid List Maintenance
P-0400 Cancellation of Requisition
P-0600 Documentation
P-0800 Negotiated Purchase Transactions - Documentation Form
P-0900 Emergency Purchases
P-1050 Purchase Of Environmentally Preferable Products ("Green Purchasing")
P-1100 Escalator Clauses
P-1200 Most Favored Nations - Price Guarantee Provisions
P-1300 Inspection of Public Records
P-1400 Insurance Requirements
P-1500 Late Bids
P-1700 Lost or Stolen Vendor Owned Property
P-1800 Non-Exclusive Negotiated Agreements
P-1900 Vizient Agreements
P-2000 Pre-Payment To Vendors
P-2100 Price List Agreements
P-2200 Printing - Personalized Stationery
P-2300 Processing Time For Requisitions
P-2400 Proposition "A" Contracts
P-2500 Purchases from County Employees
P-2600 Purchases from State CMAS Contracts
P-2700 Purchase Methods
P-2710 Purchase of Fixed Assets in Excess of $250,000 (Unit Cost)
P-2800 Purchase Order
P-2810 State "Cal - Card" Credit Card
P-2850 State "Voyager" Fuel Credit Cards
P-2900 Public Works
P-3000 Reimbursement for Damage to Employee's Personal Property
P-3100 Rent/Lease vs. Lease/Purchase of Equipment
P-3200 Request for Proposal
P-3300 Return of Bid Samples
P-3400 Safety Recall of Defective Equipment/Material Purchases
P-3500 Safety Requirements Cal/OSHA - Electrical
P-3600 Purchase Orders for Services
P-3700 Sole Source Purchases
P-3800 Standardization
P-3900 Surplus Property Disposal Program
P-4000 Surety Bonds
P-4100 Testing of Chemical Products
P-4200 Training
P-4300 Trade-ins
P-4400 Vendor Performance

Vendor Printed Forms (Agreements)

P-4600 Vendor Demonstrations, and No-Cost Service or Equipment Proposals/Offers
P-4700 Simplified Acquisition Process

Purchasing Procedures (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view these pages)

PP-0400 Rejection of Low Bid
PP-0510 Bid Solicitation by Client Departments
PP-0520 Bids - Formal
PP-0521 Bids - Informal
PP-0530 Bid Amendments/Extensions
PP-0580 Bid Referral Letter
PP-0600 Blanket Purchase Orders
PP-0900 Change Order/Supplement or Reduction of Purchase Order
PP-1000 Cancer Causing Chemicals (Carcinogens)
PP-1100 Retroactive Purchase Orders - Prohibited
PP-1200 Consulting Services
PP-1300 Consumption Information
PP-1400 Delinquent Deliveries
PP-1500 Do Not Substitute Requests
PP-1600 Engraving
PP-1700 Evaluating Price
PP-1800 Agreement Extensions
PP-1900 Holiday Items
PP-2000 Local Small Business Preference Program
PP-2100 Market Test (Survey)
PP-2300 Printing
PP-2400 Printing of Public Information Brochures
PP-2500 Rebates/Coupons/Premiums/Incentives
PP-2700 Freight and Shipping Instructions
PP-2900 Claim Letter
PP-3210 Return for Credit

Miscellaneous Procedures (Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view these pages)

M-1000 Specifications
M-1100 Bid/Vendor Protest
M-1200 Sales or Use Tax
M-1310 Agreement Standards and Pricing Principles
M-1400 Software Upgrades, Maintenance and Support
M-1500 Cash Discounts
M-1700 Bid Sheets
M-1800 Competitive Negotiations
M-1900 Items Exempt From Sole Source Documentation
M-2000 Tie Bids
M-2100 Community Business Enterprise & Small Business
M-2200 Child Support Compliance Program
M-2300 Greater Avenues to Independence (GAIN)

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