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Countywide Surplus Equipment
Department of Public Works

Disposal of County Surplus Property

From time to time the County of Los Angeles has surplus property available for sale to the public. This property consists of County personal property, unclaimed or abandoned personal property and valuables except those confiscated in conjunction with drug enforcement activities and unclaimed stolen property. This surplus property is disposed of through sale bids, auctions and donations.

Surplus County personal property is defined as County furniture, equipment, vehicles and tools.

Unclaimed or abandoned personal property is defined as items not belonging to the County, which are found or abandoned in a County facility and not claimed by the rightful owner.

Valuables are defined as jewelry, watches, gemstones, foreign currency, precious metals and collectibles such as coins and stamps, whether they appear to have value or not.

Surplus sales can also be obtained on

This is a liquidity services marketplace that allows government agencies to sell surplus worldwide via the internet.

Unclaimed stolen property is defined as stolen items in custody of a County law enforcement agency that are not claimed by the rightful owner.

Sale bids are used to sell lots of appraised or minimum established bid value items. Such bids are posted on the Countywide Surplus Equipment Redistribution website.

Auctions are usually used to sell items of high value or large groups of items that would benefit from open competitive bidding. Auctions may be conducted by the department or a third party auctioneer. For auction information contact Countywide Surplus Equipment Program at 323-267-2339.

Donations are given to nonprofit organizations or public agencies that have been designated as an authorized donee agency by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors. For donation information contact Countywide Surplus Equipment Program at 323-267-2339.

For information on land parcels available for sale visit the Department of Public Works' website:

The County also maintains a program for the sale or exchange of commodities and services. For more information visit LACoMAX:

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