Cultural diversity of Los Angeles County

Helpful Hints for Selling to the County

What Does the County Buy?

If your firm is interested in becoming a potential supplier for the County of Los Angeles, we recommend that your first priority should be to determine if there is be a match between what your firm provides and what the County buys. The County acquires a variety of products and services in order to support its vast operations. Some examples of what we purchase are:

  • Automobiles and Supplies
  • Construction Related Products and Services
  • Hospital Equipment and Supplies
  • Food
  • Computer Equipment and Supplies
  • Consulting Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Office products
  • Correctional Facility Equipment and Supplies
  • Landscaping Material and Services
  • Furniture

For a more detailed list of commodities and services acquired by the County click here.

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