All County Contractor Personnel must be Fully Vaccinated against the novel coronavirus 2019 (“COVID-19”) prior to:

1. Interacting in person with County Workforce Members; 2. Working on County-owned or controlled property, while performing services under a Contract with the County; or 3. Coming into contact with County Workforce Members or the public while performing In-Person Services under a Contract with the County.

The County of Los Angeles is currently reviewing its testing requirements for unvaccinated Contractor Personnel who have been granted valid medical or religious exemptions by their employers and may make changes. As such, effective immediately, the County will no longer be enforcing ordinance and contracting requirements for weekly testing of unvaccinated exempt Contractor Personnel as required by Chapter 2.212 (COVID-19 Vaccinations of County Contractor Personnel) to Title 2 – Administration, Division 4 – Miscellaneous, of the Los Angeles County Code. Unless specifically directed otherwise by your County department, Contractors who have Contracts and Contractor Personnel covered by the ordinance no longer need to test their unvaccinated exempt personnel weekly prior to interacting with County Workforce Members, working on County-owned or controlled property, while performing services under the Contract, or prior to coming in contact with the public while performing the contracted services. The County does, however, continue to require Contractor Personnel to be vaccinated as required by the ordinance, unless they have been granted a valid medical or religious exemption by their employer. If Contractors have any questions, they should contact the County department that their Contract is with.

Please see the Ordinance, Frequently Ask Questions, and Helpful Documents below.


Frequently Asked Questions

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